My kid won’t eat vegetables

Truth will rise above falsehood as oil above water”

Miguel de Cervantes


A neighbour complained that her kids won’t eat vegetables.

“So fry them” I said.

She was shocked. It’s too unhealthy to fry vegetables.

Ironically her kids live on cereal and chicken nuggets, chips and tomato sauce and she is worried about frying cabbage? I was joking, but not completely so I don’t think she picked up on the irony in her complaint.

If you give any human the choice between steamed sweet potato and fried potato chips or crisps most will prefer the oily version. If your kids are the same just try serving up some boiled reconstituted chicken gruel (that hasn’t been battered and deep fried before you reheat) with oil free baked fries and see if its the food or the oil that they enjoy.

Oil is incredibly calorie dense and so of course we crave it. 300 Calories is 1 /12 heads of cauliflower which is a lot of food. In oil terms that is a few mls. So its easy to get a lot of calories eating oily foods, but news flash oil is not a health food.

Not even olive or coconut oil. Sorry to burst those bubbles.

You will thrive when you get over oil addiction. What’s more your family will become healthier and richer. There are an awful lot of foods that don’t taste good unless they are fried or roasted in a half cup of oil.

Say it again…processed refined oil is not a health food.

Never was. Never will be.


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