The only alternative to a life wasted in corporate slavery

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart”


A shitty cog in heartless machine. Bored beyond belief due to the annual dumbing down of technical and interesting work. A jumped up wanker as a boss who’s as hollow as a tin drum. Feeling depressed and trapped in an average job in an awful company. Littered with dis-empowering processes, corporate cultural cringe and smiling satanists from human resources eager to tell you that you have been involuntarily separated from the pay roll in a voice that sounds like they are giving kids cotton candy.

How do you feel about work? I mean does this sound familiar? I held lots of jobs and they were all basically the same. We suffer these indignities just for a paycheck. The mighty paycheck that too many people pump into trinkets, babbles and maybe a house.

When I began work I was a fresh faced optimist. I thought work was a mertiocracy. I was going to do well. I didn’t know anything about how it really is with all the bullshit, dipshits and office politics.

Modern work seems to gravitate to a model where there is a nucleus of elite geniuses at the centre. They have licked every arse on their climb to the top and proved beyond any doubt that they have absolutely no personal ethics that will get in the way of making money. None at all. These elites set the strategy and divide the spoils without shouldering much (any?) of the blame when things fail.

Meanwhile the entire rest of the company comes to work everyday thinking that they are an individual. A human with needs, emotions and rights. But, truth is all companies want is reliable (you keep turning up), compliant (you do exactly what you are told with no questions) and low cost labour. Low cost being the paramount consideration.

There are always people that will work for less. Yet they don’t have your skills, your experience, your contacts, your education [add your own irrelevant criteria here]. When people get laid off they can’t figure out why, but its very simple when you understand the critical criteria governing your continued employment. You got fired because you didn’t hit one of the big three. Reliable – you had the audacity to take a few afternoons off with your dying mother or you wanted to go to your kids sport. You weren’t compliant. When management tried to push the company into the next corporate nose dive you spoke up and pointed out a better way to do things. Low cost. You got senior enough that they knew they could demote you and halve your salary after 30 years of long service and you have no choice, but to thank them for keeping you on the roster. Only 5 more years…oh wait 9 more now and you can finally afford to retire….

Working for large companies means shitty living. We were never meant to do it like this. Our lives have been hijacked and our labour is being stolen by invisible plutocrats.


We need to find work that is compatible with the good life. When you find the work of your heart as Rumi put it you will never labour. My rule of thumb is that whatever you launch you must not commit more than 1 year’s savings from your current employment. However little that is. Start small and stay petite. There is always room for the craftsman or craftswoman in a world of mass produced machined garbage.

People will consistently pay a little more for the toil of the craftsperson over that which is made with the oil of the machine.

Launch your petite business. Nurture it around your corporate slave schedule. Learn, grown and become empowered through your achievements. One day that little business may provide a sufficient living for you and those you love and support. The downside is trivial. Just a modest sum of money, a jot of your creativity and a mere iota of your time.

This is your call to action.

The stakes are too high to let fear keep you on the sideline any longer.

It’s time we (in large numbers) reclaimed our work, our lives and our world!

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