Waking up in your own adventure

“We need to preserve our neighborhoods, our small business, our local economy”
Maria Semple


One has to realise that many occupations are fundamentally inconsistent with satisfactory living. A marketing or civil engineering consultant working all day to produce products or reports and entertaining potential clients at night is not going to have time for proper recreation (the recreation of oneself), children, family, hobbies or any of the activities that nourish the soul. No attempts at work life balancing is going to overcome the fundamental flaw. To avoid this pitfall life must be designed. Consciously and carefully.

We must concoct a prescription for living and in doing so our labour must become a love rather than the living dead trudge to a barren grey office. We fear the leap toward uncertainty of a self derived economy because we have been taught to fear since childhood. Mostly when we think of business we only consider some scary sized corporation which would certainly drown us if we were plunged in as the crew captain.

Yet business need not be all consuming and megalithic in size. Say you produce and sell handcrafted ale as a hobby. Soon your sales grow out of a Saturday stall at a local farmers market. Then a few more and a few more. Perhaps your living costs are so modest that you can live off the proceeds of a few days of labour per week. You agonize if you should do it full time and chuck in your dreary job in accounts. A business and banking adviser will try to sell you debt pushing and bleating that you must heavily invest in mechanization, distribution, staff, marketing, advertising and grow your company to compete on the world stage with the big boys, but to what end? To be rich? And what if you were rich? Chances are you’d buy your freedom and finally pursue the pleasures you’ve dreamed about. If that is the case why take such a circuitous route?

Skip the whole monster phase. Stop working when you’re expenses are met and start living. In my estimate a simple liver could cut their labour to a modest 1-2 days a week and live comfortably once they rodeo wrangle their expenses into line. I’ve come to think of work as life support and what better way to support life than in a project of importance to you. If you do take the leap into leading a petite business you may find yourself so empowered and inspired that you will want to work more, but maybe you won’t. If you own the company it will be your choice when you knock off and go play.

By reducing liabilities, expenses and bills you reduce the need to work. By doing this as a precursor to business you generate savings. These savings are a buffer from failure and the capital you need to build your own life support vehicle.

There is more to life than work-spend-sleep. A petite little business all your own may be the vessel to help you discover what else you can do with your life besides the boring work of the corporation.

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