The most powerful post ever written

“The road to enlightenment is long and difficult, and you should try not to forget snacks and magazines.”

Anne Lamott

In a contemplativa one has time for the big questions and what bigger questions than who, what, where, how and why?

It is a remarkable feat to awaken to the understanding that you are not who or what you think you are. Who or what you’ve been told you are is only a label. A story. An idea! This process is called enlightenment and is a cornerstone of access to deeper wisdom.

Once you’ve turned this corner you will find a rapid accumulation of understanding and knowledge. A sense of knowing and an ability to feel truth from lie.

You may then discover plane truths like you are not where you have been told you are. Yes, you are in the world, but what world? A true global conspiracy! If you quest to discover where you are (as opposed to where you’ve been told you are) start with Zetetic Astronomy free on Google books, but tread carefully friends. The path to this discover is well hidden with powerful information peddlers hell bent on leading you off the garden path so to speak. [There is also another link in this post]

Next comes how which is all just a question of physics and metaphysics. The enlightened one approaches this knowledge from a unique vantage point and with penetrating insight that the unenlightened one stumbles over with only rational intellect as their tools of discovery.

Last, one is left with why. I believe this is the most important question of all. I also believe we will never know the answer to this riddle in our conscious lifetime on this material plane.

Best to not worry about the unknowable. Instead spend time with friends doing that which pleases you. Why may be answered in death, but most likely I suspect there is no why. All is just as it is. There may be no true answer to why.

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