The idlers guidebook to the good life

There is no time like the pleasant
Oliver Herford

Life can be simple, pleasant and happy.

Make simple changes one at a time and keep a score card on whether life got better.

Sell your car and ride bikes.
Plant a garden and eat the plants you grow.
Rent a house and save yourself from maintenance and mortgages.
Sell your screens and cut off your internet. You’re smart so you can still access the web free when you feel like it.
Sell your wardrobe and almost all the clothes in it. You can only wear one shirt at a time.
Generate some electricity and income that doesn’t take too much effort.
Smash your bills down.
Quit your job.
Involve yourself helping others in your community.
Spend time making more friends.
Celebrate for no reason.
Play your own music and dance your arse off.

Die happy and contented. Surrounded by people that knew you intimately and loved you passionately.

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