Why do we pay a massive amount of loot for things that are free?

“Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor”

Sholom Aleichem


It occurred to me recently that everything in my life that I pay a lot for is actually a free resource sold to me at an outrageous price under an oligarchic system.

Start with energy. Energy is abundant and completely free. It falls from the sky everyday completely free. It warms our face and jostles our hair. There is abundant free renewable energy in the sun, the wind and the oceans but the very fact that it is free ensures we will never have the opportunity to enjoy completely free energy. Instead we are sold expensive utilities that burn dirty fuels or require massive thermal or hydro electricity infrastructure which we are charged royally for the privilege of using.

Think water. Clean water is an abundant free resource covering the majority of the planet. It falls from the sky. Instead of keeping our natural aquifers and streams clean we allow companies to tip toxins in and pollute our waterways to hell. Then we buy expensive chemicalized soup sold to us as clean water, but it really harbours all manner of toxic ingredients like flurorides, nitrates, arsenic, heavy metals… and again we pay royally for the privilege of drinking this crap.

Next food. It grows in the ground in abundance in most soils given access to a little clean water. In small communities we can easily produce the sparse number of calories we need to thrive on a plant based diet. Instead we buy all of our food from unethical mega markets that destroy environments for profit. This is compounded with the environmental devastation of animal agriculture. Yet again we pay an absolute fortune for something that is essentially free if you a prepared to put in a little effort and get a few of your fingernails dirty.

Now transport. Walking is good for your health, enjoyable and free. Instead of designing cities around walking we have built environments where we need signs that read ‘watch out for pedestrians’ like humans outside of a motor vehicle are some alien race that shouldn’t even exist. Once again we’ve been fooled into a lifestyle where we live miles from anything useful and have to spend hours of our lives and hundreds of our dollars in transit.

It perplexes me why we put up with this structural larceny. Mostly we have an eye for a deal and in the main enough courage to stand up to ripoff merchants and ask for our money back when a product or service fails to deliver fair value. Yet when it comes to the big stuff in our lives, the free stuff that we are charged through the teeth for, we whine about our utilities or expenses, but mostly we never question the validity of these gigantic lifestyle transactions. The reason for our apathy is that we are carefully programmed little robots. We are inculcated in cultist behaviour from birth. We are set upon at a very young age to expect to have to work to pay dearly for our lives. We are programmed to focus on hard work and increasing our income to pay for ever more exorbitant living costs. Quietly and meekly we go. We do as others do. We’re scared to stand out. Squeak. Squeak.

If your family is currently struggling to pay for the costs of life you need to seriously consider why you must rob your family for these resources that are free and should be shared freely. There are any number of possible actions, from protest to social reform to collective refusal to pay to attaining these resources much cheaper or completely for free. Any of these actions are positive and significantly better than paying your bills mindlessly.

One thought on “Why do we pay a massive amount of loot for things that are free?

  1. I’ve received some criticism saying that energy from the sun isn’t free. Sorry, but it is. The cost of course is in harnessing solar, wind or water power and turning it into electricity. But, this type of comment completely misses the point. I am merely saying that because wind and solar are free the commercial interest is low. Companies can’t sell you power generation and they can’t sell you lines maintenance fees etc. This makes solar and wind fringe power technologies and it explains why modern vehicles are so horribly energy inefficient in times of astronomic technological advance. Wherever the market is a fringe the equipment to harvest energy is very, very expensive. Usually so expensive that for most families the cost is prohibitive. That means more sales for burning coal and more sales of electricity transmission from point of generation to point of consumption. A locking in of inefficient and expensive over free, simple and efficient.

    Solar would be affordable if it was mainstream. Wind would be affordable if it was mainstream. What about all the other free energy technologies you’ve barely heard of because they are way better than our current energy grid?


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