$1 Meals: The Breakfast’s of Champions (on a budget)

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food”

Paul Prudhomme


If I had a million dollars to spend on a breakfast I’d probably eat some beans and save the money. I enjoy my breakfast everyday and I don’t really feel the need to vary too much. Just a little variation to keep life interesting, but flag having to come up with something new every morning. What a waste of mental energy.

A few posts ago I wrote about living on a $3 dollar meal budget. Even when I wrote it I thought that budget was somewhat exborbitant if I’m honest we actually live on a lot less. So look out for the next two editions in this series of posts on breakfast, lunch and dinner for under a dollar.


First up a bowl of oats with raisins and sunflower seeds. Soak the oats overnight and heat in the morning. Some days I add a date puree (just dates boiled in water and blended).

A can of beans or fresh beans. I flavor them savory, or in a tomato sauce. If you want to eat a can of beans everyday you are going to have to be smart with your shopping and buy a truckload when they are on sale. Equally you can avoid that capital outlay by buying dried beans and cooking them. Beans take time, but I have it and I enjoy them so it works for me.

Pancakes are an easy dollar meal. Just some flour, sugar, no egg powder. I have found I can buy $10 maple syrup and still make pancakes for less than a dollar. You can add seasonal berries and fruit if you have another  25 c to spare.

Hashbrowns are another favourite. Just grate potato pat dry with a cloth or paper towel and then bake in the oven. Serve with some salsa. You can buy or make the salsa since the potato probably only costs you about 30-40 cents. Best part is healthy browns with no oil dripping from them. Season the hashbrown mixture with some sage, or dill, or basil  for level up points.

A breakfast burrito. Grab a bag of flatbread or wraps. Usually a couple of dollars for a 10 pack. Add some chickpeas and lettuce and some Indian spices or try potato (or sweet potato) beans and vegetables. Wrap and bake in the oven for 10 minutes. Delicious and less than one pinga per serve!

Smoothie. I use either coconut water or orange juice base. Buy a packet for $1 and use a 5th in each smoothie. Some days I add a celery, a carrot, an apple, some kale and the base with some extra water (maybe some lemon juice too!). Other days I’ll have apple, a banana and some mango or maybe apple, a banana, pear or peach and a couple of dates. Other days I’ll add blackberries or blueberries. My smoothie recipe varies a lot. We get carrots, apples, kale, pears, peaches, blackberries and grapefruit from our garden when it is seasonal, but even if we buy from a grocery store we can easily make a breakfast blend for under a buck with smart shopping skills.

I eat all the breakfasts on this list, but truth be told mostly have I beans or oats. I find they are good ways to start my day.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas to become excited about dollar dinners. If you want the exact recipes for any of these suggestions leave a comment and I’ll reply in the comments section.

Hakuna Matata.


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