$1 Meals: Lunch of Legends (on a budget)


“Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites”
William Ruckelshaus

My goal is to feed our entire family on buckmeal. What is buckmeal? Never eaten it? Im not surprised, but it is actually pretty easy to bring lunch to a plate for $1 (buckmeal….get it?…oh well). Here are a bunch of lunches that are delicious, nutritious, easy to make and cost less than 1 slide.

In writing this I’ve assumed that you will have to buy all of your ingredients, but of course if you have a garden and a little time to farm it your lunch might hit the plate for a lot less than $1!!

If you missed $1 breakfasts you can hit it here.

First off my staple midday meal.

Potato salad. Sometimes I get sad. Then I remember there are like 300 potato recipes! You could have a different potato salad recipe for a lot of years without repeating. My staple goes something like this: 2-3 medium potatoes roasted steamed, or microwaved. Allow them to cool. Cut them in to giant chunks. Mix in some red wine vinegar, some green onion or red onion and a teaspoon or two of whole grain mustard. Sometimes I add corn or leafy greens or whatever. You could live on the humble potato. It has almost every nutrient so don’t worry about vitamins, minerals or macro-nutrients. Just hit potato salad.

Potato wedges. Oven bake without oil. Dunk the cut spuds in water. Dry and bake. Serve with homemade salsa or my favourite Baba ganoush!

Sushi. Make it at home for under a dollar. I add a mix of veges. Truthfully sushi is a sometime for me and usually when I have seasonal vege to inject without having to buy them.

Frozen burrito. You read that right. See the dinner menu for the recipes, but I separate and freeze a few left overs from the 10 pack of tortillas. When I worked I’d whack them under a sandwich press, plonk them in the oven or worst microwave. If you need to do this option then put in a coffee mug with some water to stop them going soggy.

Rice bowl. Cook up some rice. While that is cooking dice vegetables and biff them in the pot. I like to add tumeric to make the rice yellow. I also prefer to use basmati rice because it separates out and doesn’t look like a clump of goo. For level up points and if budget allows add a little soy sauce, siracha, or pickled vegetables. I like to keep a jar of picked carrot or whatever in the fridge. To make that just use the peeler to make carrot wafers then put sugar, water and vinegar in a pot. Boil it up let it cool a little then tip it in a jar with carrots and seal it. A little pickled carrot or radish or whatever can really nail a simple rice dish.

Last is the humble sandwich. I don’t really dig sandwiches all so much, but you can easily deliver a couple of sangas (sammos or sandwichs) for $1. I don’t favour them because I feel like there are two foods that humans cant stop eating. Bread and chocolate. If you open a loaf or a bar of family sized chocolate it will almost always be eaten within an hour and leave you feeling hungry. My solution is that I biffed both out of my diet and I feel a lot better for it. Neither delivers much nutritional value.

Hope you got at least one useful lunch idea. If you missed that breakfast post you can check it out here.

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