Transform your income – transform your life…the problem of bad faith


“Now he understood clearly that roads do divide, at the crossroad there is a choice, and blinding oneself to it is a form of choosing, too; it is the fool’s way, the coward’s way”
Erik Christian Haugaard


Correct me if I’m way off here, but the nub of it seems to be to be that people are utterly locked into jobs they hate. While many of us dream of a better life we can’t seem to find the way and often we feel like we have no real choice in the matter and therefore no possibility of getting out of a lifestyle that fits like a bad suit. Our mental game is something like – “I’m a plumber and that’s how I pay the bills. I don’t have any choice!”. Or, “I’m in clerical. I hate it, but how else can I pay my rent?”.

My third most favourite French man calls this way of thinking bad faith. Basically, bad faith is when we lie to ourselves that we don’t have choice to save having to face up to the fact that we have unlimited choice, but we aren’t answering our call to action.

Still don’t understand bad faith? Alain de Botton explains bad faith far better than me:

Once you reject bad faith as a staple of how you interface with the world you have to face up to the undeniable fact that you are wasting your life working a corporate job, but you are choosing this life every single day. There might be plenty of things that you don’t have in your life, but choice isn’t one of them.

You have plenty of choice and that means you can transform any experience you dislike. The better news is that on the scale of things a financial transformation is actually pretty light weight. While it will definitely change your life it won’t take as much effort or have anything like the seismic impact of a spiritual (understanding your true nature/who/what you are), physical (fat to thin or unhealthy to well) or relational transformation.

A relational shift is simply mending relationships and engaging with others in a HAIL type means. HAIL being a memorable way to cue yourself into honest, authentic, intelligent/integrity and loving interactions with others. By contrast figuring out another far more fulfilling way to earn your living is child’s play in comparison to successfully shifting yourself in the three other spaces.

In my own life I conceptualise all this as a pyramidal framework. Mind is the the foundation for all else, then your body, then your connectedness and then your income last. pyramid

The good news is that you can easily transform how you make your money and therefore the quality and style of your life. You can do this easily, but only when you face up to the truth and build up a buffer or some mental resistance against our natural inclination to apply the bad faith lifestyle lock in.

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