Lost your job? Shit! Now do this…

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t–you’re right”

Henry Ford

Just lost your job? Cripes, but congratulations! While losing your job unexpectidly is a bummer on the bright side you just landed two of key attributes you need to massively change your life. Free time and hunger (from the loss of comfort).

Before you jazz up your CV and start shopping it might I suggest that you don’t really want another boring, insecure corporate job. What you really need is money without the need to work. We’ll get to that, but first things first. Essentially why can’t your work be as interesting as poker, chess and fishing (or whatever you like doing)? Get out of the stupid trap you are in while you have this golden opportunity!  Check out my guide to the good life.

You are going to be broke. Being broke isn’t so bad if you have the right mindset.

Right now you need to crush your spending to soften the transition to another job (or out of work completely…sorry I’m getting ahead of myself). You can live for cheap and eat buckmeal until your financial situation improves.

Getting another job isn’t the only alternative. Broadly your response should be one of these options instead.

Starting your own business isn’t that scary.

Thanks to the digital world you don’t need much money or even a good idea to get into profitable business. There is only one critical thing you need to be in business and you can find out what that is by clicking here.

Maybe you don’t even need to be in business. I like unjobbing which has become viable because we really don’t need a lot of money to fund our lifestyle. We built up skills instead of credit.

Your response to losing your job is all on you. Take total responsibility and accept that you have everything you need to relaunch yourself.

Too many parents tell their kids that they can do anything they want to, but in the next breath they say that they gave up on their own dreams because of their children. What a weight on your kids. Wouldn’t you be a better role model for your kids if you went for it when your back was against the wall and the odds were stacked against you?

If you believe in yourself and seek out the right information you can look back on the experience of losing your job as the greatest pivot of your life. Use your time wisely and harness your hunger to drive the change to transform your working life.

If you know somebody that has recently lost their job (or who hates their job and would love to chuck it) please share this resource page with them using the sharing tools or via this link – http://goo.gl/oBiIsO. Maybe bookmark this page yourself. You never know what is twists are around the corner!




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