How do you holiday when life is a vacation?

“Laughter is an instant vacation”

Milton Berle


One of the massive problems with simple living is holiday planning.

A couple of years ago I wrote that if you need holidays you are doing life wrong.

That advice is evergreen.

Our biggest problem is what do you tell people you are doing on holiday when your life is effectively a big holiday?

We don’t have money to fly off to some exotic beach at the very time that accommodation costs the world over are at their most expensive.

We don’t see the value in wasting tanks of gas on a road trip so we prefer to stay local.

In fact we are at the point where we don’t bother with ideas like vacation and the need to manufacture dreamy fantasies to impress virtual strangers.

When every day is your vacation defining periods of time as a holiday is a complete nonsense.

We are free.

We can eat, beach, sleep, repeat any day we care to.

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