Post holiday trudge back to work

“There is a melancholy that stems from greatness”
Nicolas Chamfort

Christmas has past and for many of us that means we spent way too much money on one nice morning with out kids, a decent lunch with our extended families. Perhaps altogether too short holiday as well.

It’s like we scrimp and save and forgo all year to have a little savings that we blow in one orgy of consumerism over the Christmas period.

How the bankers must laugh at us.

Now though the zeal of holiday time with family is giving way to the stark reality of returning to working life. The inadequate pay, the dorky coworkers, the crappy boss, the deadlines and the stress.

This year is the year to make a change and I want to help you. Beginning soon I am going to start to shift the focus of this site. I want to help you to discover a life without working in a job you hate.

There are better ways to support your family.

Look out for details starting in the next series of posts.

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