Why having a job is a bad financial decision

“The starting point of all achievement is desire”
Napoleon Hill


Do I honestly believe having a job is a bad financial decision? For a few people people no. Having a job is the only option if you are afraid, incompetent and lazy. For anyone else especially readers of this blog I would say – absolutely I believe a job is a awful financial decision. It’s also a terrible happiness strategy to boot!

In a nutshell I feel like jobs are stupid and possible outdated now.

Why would any capable person voluntarily cap their income? Work harder – get paid the same. Create massive profit or value for your company – get a 2% raise. How is this a good financial decision? Seriously?
Why would any capable person pass their economic future over to a company to manage? A company could fire you whenever they can get the same value from someone offshore for less money. Jobs are not a financial security plan.
Why would a capable competent person put up with the boredom of a 9 to 5 for a paltry economic return when they could potentially make double the money with half the effort in half the time?
Why would anyone continue to trade their time for money when we now live in a world where that model is fast becoming obsolete?

If you are lazy, stupid and scared then the 9 to 5 grind is for you.

However, if there is even an ounce of spark left in you then chose the hustle and give yourself a shot at the life and freedom you deserve. The hustle is the only sane reaction to one’s financial needs. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter if you just need to feed yourself or if you also have children to feed.

The choice is to settle for the crazy financial situation of a job or quit that crap job to go get’r done chasing a dream (which in my opinion is a far more rational approach to the problem of making money in this world!).

Life on the lamb

“Live without fear. Edit without mercy!”


Sometimes life is too interesting to faff about on computers. Recently that’s been particularly true for me. Lots of time has past since my last post.

I’ve been slinging random thoughts about simple living up here for a few years and now I really think it’s time to do an audit of the content I have on this site.

The plan is to do a full review and edit all of the published articles. Hell I’ll probably delete a good few in the process. Others I plan to consolidate and cut out the words that waste time.

If I get really excited I might even get rid of the ugly site design (probably the most common comment I get). I’ve always loved substance over superficial things, but in the digital age a pretty website means your message has stronger legs. I always knew that, but I’m free spirited and to be honest I never really cared.

In other news I sold all of our property. Not on a whim, but not really on a plan. I did this privately due to my hatred of real estate agents.

That has resulted in a very significant bump of money going into our freedom fund to the point that even just interest on cash is potential enough income for my lovely lady and I and two dependents. Yes we had another one – finances be damned.

I’m still bristling with topic ideas and I have a lot more to share, but first comes a major edit. My house isn’t cluttered, my mind is low weed maintenance so why is this website?

Time to spring clean my friends.