About the LeM Blog

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We started <=> (Less = more) because we sincerely want to help you find a quick way to leave the rat race forever.

Working all your life for a dull corporation sucks!

We want to show you how to transition from corporate slave to economic nomad without stress, or the risk of ending up starving and homeless.

At LeM you’ll discover the most effective ways to live simply, to minimize your living costs and to generate the income you need without compulsory economic slavery.

Word of warning we’ll talk about life design, investing and living free from the corporation every chance we get!

Our family started this transition in the midst of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of the late 2000s. Businesses weren’t doing well at that time and that’s about when they go from stingy to downright mean. Everyone is under pressure to take a pay cut while hours climb. At times like that worklife can really grind you down.

Up until the GFC we were a pretty average family unit earning a couple of comfortable salaries, but spending it all on the coolest stuff.  We’d both graduated tertiary education (Uni/Polytech) and were about 10 years into the workforce by then.  We had a lot of debt, small savings, and a few nice things then one day…a new baby was on route to the moon-base.

Babies make you evaluate your life and we discovered we weren’t heading to a very smart future. We earned good money, but it was also well spent. Often before we actually earned it!  We had earned two decent salaries for over a decade yet we had only managed to stored away about one month’s worth of earnings and we were about to do a stint with one of those salaries disappearing completely.

The flat that we lived in was cluttered to the brim with crap. Much of what we owned we barely used and frankly there were several things that we were surprised that we owned when we finally laid them all out in the yard.

Somewhere here, at this place in time, things changed dramatically. Bertrand Russell, Benjamin Graham and my friend Dave share the blame. Actually it was a blessing. We stopped sailing into the mist and charted a deliberate course.

Soon afterwards the < = > philosophy started to crytalize. We began saving 75% of our income. We reduced spending on our home to 15% of our income, and paid all the other bills from the 10% that remained.  We began to actively invest and we started to buy and make assets (things that generate money) instead of loading up on consumer goods (things that cost money).

Our goal was to quickly (less than 3 years) earn enough to buy our freedom from full time salaried work.A major motivation was to have the freedom to kick back and play with our son in his most precious years.

Since then we paid off all our debt and killed most of our household expenditure and ongoing liabilities. We axed many of our bad financial habits permanently. No more cable TV, mobile phone plans, impulse buys, eating out every night, no gym memberships…

Our savings piled up. We bought a rental property, and then our own home. We set up a stock portfolio for the first time and we learned a lot about the challenges and benefits of living with less. Actually we began to enjoy living on radically less than we spent as our former free spending slave-selves.

We’re always toying with new ways to make money. We’ve had some success and some failure, but importantly our days now have more variety and massively more freedom than when we worked the McJobs. This blog is a combination of our philosophy, our experiences and summaries of the things that we have figured out on the fly as we transitioned from full-time workers to idle penniless aristocrats. Now we receive money from assets instead of slaving our lives away in McJobs that we both hate.

We’re really passionate on finding systems, opportunities, and actionable steps to help you to make this transition and join us on the other side! How can you beat beach time any Tuesday you please?

So welcome. Please subscribe for all our updates. We truly hope you find what you need to overcome your inertia and make that shift to the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Mr & Mrs Simple

The idlers guidebook to the good life

There is no time like the pleasant
Oliver Herford

Life can be simple, pleasant and happy.

Make simple changes one at a time and keep a score card on whether life got better.

Sell your car and ride bikes.
Plant a garden and eat the plants you grow.
Rent a house and save yourself from maintenance and mortgages.
Sell your screens and cut off your internet. You’re smart so you can still access the web free when you feel like it.
Sell your wardrobe and almost all the clothes in it. You can only wear one shirt at a time.
Generate some electricity and income that doesn’t take too much effort.
Smash your bills down.
Quit your job.
Involve yourself helping others in your community.
Spend time making more friends.
Celebrate for no reason.
Play your own music and dance your arse off.

Die happy and contented. Surrounded by people that knew you intimately and loved you passionately.

The what and who of it?

I’m interested in the fractal nature of life, the entanglement phenomenon and quantum foam.

I ride bikes and plant vegetables. I drink ale and grow my hair.

I’m a father, a brother, a son and a lover.

I’m all of these interests, activities and roles, but that is not who I am.

So who is it that lives behind these eyes?

This watcher of the world?

The hot 100 in review

Today we post our 100th post!

Instead of writing something new we thought it would be good to dredge the past and provide a handy catalogue of the nonsense published to date.

Relax, be idle, enjoy.

Mr & Ms S.




Economic Alternatives

Shoes (and I still haven’t replaced what is left of them)




Killing Bills




Family code

Free stuff

Ugly Big Boxes

The simple man

The simple woman












and why just sucking it up and leading a sucky life ain’t the right path to tread!

Family Philosophy: Our code for living


“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”


As of January our family has been trying to follow our updated philosophy of living. These principles guide our behaviour and inform our decisions.

12 Principles

  1. The purpose of life is to be happy.
  2. We actively form routines (and habits) that facilitate happiness.
  3. Sharing happiness multiplies it.
  4. Practice compassion and kindness. Most people are good and don’t mean to cause harm.
  5. Our freedom grows as our spending slows: Financial wealth is created by maximising the gap between what we earn and what we spend.
  6. The simplest solution is often best: Small is beautiful.
  7. We create or adapt to solve problems. Buying ready-made solutions from the marketplace is a cop out!
  8. From silence and stillness comes wisdom.
  9. We buy low harm goods (environment, people, and animals).
  10. You receive from life what you focus on most so focus your thought and energy on whatever you wish for. Focusing on what you wish to avoid only speeds it’s arrival to your door.
  11. Living in the past creates guilt. Living in the future anxiety. Enjoy mindfulness of the moment. Notice that the world is beautiful right now.
  12. If it isn’t working just let it go. Letting go is easier than clinging.