Anarchy around the Formica family table

“Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make anarchy and disorder your trademarks. Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible but don’t let them take you alive”

Sid Vicious

Being freedom oriented we have a healthy dose of anarchistic conversation around the dinner table. My son is probably going to grow up with a fundamental skepticism of authority and the a basic distrust of the party line they pedal and I’m ok with that.

Anarchistic philosophy is normal in our house to the degree we forget its not mainstream.  As a result we sometimes have amusing exchanges with people that are very much of the view that the Prime Minister/President is some sort of deity and that every word they read from a teleprompter is pure fact.

The most obvious thing I’ve observed about these folks is that any anarchistic comment makes them extremely uncomfortable. They’re supremely defensive if you highlight verifiable facts that the official story really deserves considered critical examination. It’s  understandable because recognising stuff like this can irreversibly shatter your safe world view.

The other thing I notice is that they always say that they have an open mind, but they don’t. Their mind is closed tight. Only facts that agree with their fixed view get any attention.

If you seek truth and freedom it starts with opening your mind.

Like if you show me creditable evidence of aliens or of a government administration serving the people before big business then I am open to it being possible. Show me enough evidence and I’ll accept it no matter if its main street or side street thinking.

I also question everything. Everything.

We are born into a world where the rules of the game were set up centuries ago to ensure the current ruling lineage enjoys a privileged life and that their future generations will enjoy the same or more control and influence. They own all the doors, the keys and the locks. All the information channels from birth to death are advocating their interests at the expense of us regular folk. Every institution you come into contact with from pre-school to the corporation is programming you to accept fundamental constructs that are simply someone else’s idea of how your life should be.

There are no reasons that things need to be this way and turning out to vote can never result in the fundamental shift that is needed to free humanity from our ideological and economic prison.  Most people can’t see the prison bars. Not surprising when so much effort and money is poured into distracting you from opening your eyes.

So tally-ho the anarchists. Upset the authorities. Write your own rules. Participate when it suits and pull back when it doesn’t.

Be free.

Seek truth.

Live simply.

Fear is a pretty flaky program to structure your entire life around

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Our experience can be traced back to two emotional roots.

Love or fear.

Every action begins as an idea. Every idea engenders a corresponding emotion.  A course of inaction or intertia may result from pleasure seeking (love motive), just as we are compelled to act when we wish to avoid a nasty consequence (fear motive).  No matter what the thought, emotion or reaction it is either rooted in love or it flows from fear. It’s funny to think about being angry as being afraid. But, if you trace back how you got angry, or why you are envious, or if you search for the true source of your shame you can find a fear of something, someone or some circumstantial event that you’d rather not experience. Mostly we get hard programmed to live in fear. Parents use guilt and fear to get children to behave. School continuously reinforces fear as the prime motive. Fear of strangers, fear of traffic, fear of failure and every other source of fear. Work is a fear based culture structured usually as a totalitarian dictatorship. You fear your boss, job loss and being seen not to give a toss. All the while the media and the government heap fear on fear upon you. Its convenient for the ruling class because it makes us docile little worker drones. Fear compels us to conform rather than to stand out and individuate (express ourselves as we truly are). When we are fearful we are more easily encouraged to pass our personal power to a politician or a government to solve perceived problems on our behalf. Fear encourages helplessness.

Unfortunately there are many forces in the world that want a helpless hopeless afraid populace. Companies know people in this state are compliant little consumers. Governments fear not the people and employers are assured of compliant labour. Our fear based functioning at a societal level means we accept violence, war and military solutions. What better way to dispel your fear of a spider than to blow it up with a thermonuclear device? Still we know on a deeper level of our intelligence that there is something seriously wrong when peace is proposed from behind a rifle. We need to get over fear. Fear is a helpless, hopeless waste of energy. It directs us to solutions that can only bring death, poverty, devastation and in turn even more fear.

Sometimes my son will wake in the middle of the night terrified of monsters. I used to say “Don’t be afraid. There is nothing to fear. Daddy is here”. Now I say this to myself as a reminder to get over fear and act from more potent emotions (the love motive). Sometimes I feel envious and critical of a coworker, but what is there to fear I wonder? Other times I feel scared about the spread of disease, but instead I try to respond with a loving orientation feeling incredibly grateful and thankful of those medical personal on the front lines selflessly putting their own life at risk to ensure my good fortune. We are intimately connected to nature and to all of humanity. We need to remind ourselves constantly that there is nothing to be afraid of. By identifying the scaremongers we can start to unravel their motivations for roping us all into their collective nightmare.

Love or fear.

A simple choice.

The war on personal freedom

“Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a [wo]man, you take it”

Malcolm X

Since 2001 western countries have been fighting a war against terrorism (whatever that is). Eventually a war between two nations will end, but what a marvelous bit of serendipity for the industrial-military-complex to have an un-winnable war against an english noun. It’s literally a blank cheque for those without ethics and a total disregard for the sanctity of human life. Recent events in Paris give yet another justification for interventionist military activity. Whatever really happened at Charlie Hebdo there is enough out there to question the official narrative. What concerns me most though is that the immediate reaction of Governments has been to stamp down on civil liberties. Spain for example has pushed through a new law banning public protest with a whopping 600,000 euro fine if you decided to go out with a group of mates and protest the fact that they passed such a contrived piece of legislation. Its also now illegal to film the police in public places. So if you see a Rodney King in Seville best not pick up your camcorder expecting a just result.

Since Spain is part of the EU other European nations should expect similar erosion of their freedoms as soon as the their Spanish mates prove they can land it without massive public discord. Another worrying area is our internet freedoms. At the moment the internet lets you and I post whatever thoughts, photos, video or audio that we wish to share. This is problematic for controlling the worlds official narratives and most problematic for the ruling class is that it doesn’t allow us to be programmed in the way that they could in the TV generation. It now seems inevitable that the brakes will be put on the internet. In 15 years you will be reminiscing about the world wide web as you search unsuccessfully on CNNet for a recipe written by Reuters. Following the Hebdo incident all signs suggest that the internet is now the next massive target for world leaders to stitch up. Since almost the birth of the internet our online activities have been spied on remotely, but now these unscrupulous types seem hell bent on placing stringent controls on our means to communicate electronically. Ironically it’s the country that claims to the world’s champion of free speech – USA that is leading the charge on shutting down the honest, open and free exchange that the internet allows us. We can’t let these guys win. We need to protect our rights. We need to stop fighting for freedom and become peaceful, helpful and tolerant people, but above all we need to aggressively protect a free internet at all costs.

Worshipping the mobile god

“All God does is watch us and kill us when we get boring. We must never, ever be boring”
Chuck Palahniuk

Mobile phone addiction is starting to really annoy me. In one sense I can understand the mobile phone as a tool. A technology which is as intimate to humanity as the anthill is to the ant. It has been argued that the anthill is a part of the phenotype of the ant and our technology could be viewed similarly except that an anthill supports the life of the ants. Our technology on the other hand is suffocating our natural symbiotic relationships with our world. In many ways our technology is destroying the culture, environment and the world that we live in and mobile phones are a fantastic illustration of this. On the one hand your smart phone allows you to be connected to the world wide web of infinite consciousness, knowledge and information. At the push of a button the user becomes a telepathic entity able to instantaneously project an idea to the otherside of the planet.

However, and this is a big however phones emit electro-magnetic radiation at levels that are probably not safe for humans. I have a sense that in 20 years we will probably view the health consequences of the mobile phone in similar terms to how we view smoking cigarettes today. Here we are gaily enraptured with a device that is significantly disrupting the invisible electro-magnetic field that surrounds us and supports our health. To see the effects of this Google –“cell phone in beehive”. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that bees are smarter than us for when exposed to the constant pulse of the cell phone bees will not return to the hive. Over a longer period of exposure than a minute or two the entire hive of bees will flee from their home never to return. Now I’m not as smart as a bee and even I can figure out that isn’t a good sign.

In partnership with the delirious health impacts are the social impacts that cell phones are having on our society. Take a look at the city surrounds. The default posture is eyes down face illuminated by microscopic flatscreen. So utterly enthralled by this addictive technology we stumble from place to place without social grace and ever so clumsily bumping into any and everything. Why have we let ‘liking’ facebook posts take precedence over gazing into the eyes of our lover or listening to the imaginations of our children? Why to we allow the bleep of the device to snatch our attention from more potent ruminations and mysteries of life?

I long for the day when cell phone users become the smokers of the day. Forced into dim little alcoves away from the rest of us to partake of their dirty little button fiddling habits. Far enough away that there aren’t ay secondary health consequences for the rest of us.

Moble phones are just a tool people. They are not some new god.

The echos of Saturn

“Saturn seems to have impressed the seal of melancholy on me from the beginning”

Marsilio Ficino

The Saturn Myth is worth reading. The video based on the book makes the content more digestible. In both cases the author makes some compelling links between our gods and the visible planets in the sky. It’s worth watching or reading if you are interested in the origins of man and are unencumbered by the dogma of religious beliefs. Once you understand our connection to cosmology, the symbolism of the planet Saturn and the importance of Saturn in prehistory you start to notice all of the modern Saturn references and symbols that pervade our lives. Just take a look at the symbol representing your internet browser if you are using explorer as an example. Certainly companies, banks and the elites are still fascinated with the planet Saturn…and while the church promotes some kind of sky daddy in a toga they are themselves kind of obsessed with Saturn and Saturn symbology. Who’s this fella in the Saturn hat…

Why are all these Muslim fellas worshiping around a black cube (a Saturn symbol)? Anyone with a half curious mind might want to look into this for themself…

As soon as you learn to read the symbols of Saturn you realise the world is so thick with Saturn worship that you wonder why you never heard about it before.

The evolution (or revolution) of our species

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy”

Chris Hedges

Our world is a crazy place.

If you weren’t from this planet and you were going to write the most nuts fantasy story possible you simply could not come up a version of reality that comes close to the world that we have.

We have doctors sawing people open and pumping them full of Rockafeller owned drugs when the evidence is overwhelming that most diseases are simply a deficiency of fruit and vegetables.

We hold small ratioactive electro-magnetic boxes up to our head for vast portions the day to talk endless dribble and nonsense with people we hardly know all without ever giving any consideration to the fact that we ourselves are electro-magnetic energy bound together by a fragile force.

We allow ourselves to be involved in the perpetual wars of the bankers, killing, raping and destroying each other for their profit and pleasure when each of us is at root the same. We have love for our children and our families and by and large we seek to lead peaceful happy lives. In a more just society war would not be structured as a profitable endeavour or fair and just bankers of the world would unite and together and agree it illegal to lend money to tinpot tyrants (of any nation) for the purposes of killing another group of people.

We drink water poisoned by industry and laced with additives that calcify our brains. We allow ourselves to be prohibited from achieving states of consciousness (through poisoning of water and the prohibition of consciousness expanding plants) where we are connected to the unified field of wisdom that is at the root source of our own universal intelligence.

We forgo personal individuation, the personal expressions of our gifts, and get side-tracked by corporations that put us in boxes to do mind-numbingly stupid tasks in return for funny money. We fritter our days away completing task so dull that if nobody were paid, nobody would do them.

We have a system where money is debt and that debt is used to ensnare and enslave us in a false and depressing cultural narrative that sees us sit silently as whole families starve while the architects live like robber barons.

Kids it’s time for us to put an end to this juvenile phase of human evolution. We need to mature and evolve into a species with adults in positions of power. Together we can change these fundamentally perverse constructs within our collective experience.

The time is now. The evolution starts in you.

Why it’s pointless donating to international environmental organisations

A rich man can afford to be generous to many”

Mercedes McCambridge


I’ve previously noted that I don’t think we have any real environmental problems. At the same time I have to confess to having an environmental bent and being deeply concerned about the erosion of the natural environment and the extinction of non-human species at alarming rates.

It’s just that I am over the trivial efforts of global environmental groups and their endless fundraising. While lots of good people pour their heart and sole into these international trusts and agencies they are merely fronts for the oil barons and bankers. The point from their perspective is structured activism is easily managed, its a nice distraction from real issues or change and it’s a handy means to catalyse us around their global elite agenda (centralised power for them).

Think about this.

David Rothschild identifies himself as a passionate environmentalist. If you Google him you will most likely see him in khaki pants standing on a glacier somewhere. This guy has a personal fortune of at least $10 billion. He is also part of a small tightly knit family of global bankers with a familial fortune somewhere between $500 trillion and $1000 trillion. Hypothetically this guy has access to 1 quadrillion dollars! That’s so much money that it sounds like an imaginary word. If you are having trouble visualing a quadrillion dollars  look at this page and then try to imagine 1000x more money if you can.

With loose change from his families wealth (like money they found in the couch in one of their mansions) a motivated guy could solve world poverty, all global environmental problems, buy the whole world lunch and still have change. So why does this guy need to continually raise funds from charity for tinpot environmental projects? I’d be speaking to my father, or my uncle or my aunt about getting some play money if I were a ‘passionate environmentalist’.

The environmental problems, like almost all of the other problems in our world aren’t ever going to get solved because they are convenient circumstances that in some way serves the interests of the very richest of the rich men. Face it, many of the environmentally destructive activities of industry would be illegal if it weren’t for the fact that the very same men polluting and pillaging hold the pen of law in most every country. Take a look at who founded and funded the major international environmental groups and animal protection societies. Are you surprised to see oil men, bankers, hunting enthusiasts….so why did they found these bodies. Guilt? Empathy? Genuine concern…

Save your money folks.