The miraculous audacity of life

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
Albert Einstein

Life gets right in your face. It gets between your teeth and deep in your ear sockets. No mater what delusion you self prescribe life keeps on at you. It hits before you open your eyes in the morning and it won’t let up until the moment your consciousness starts to idle at night.

It’s your life and it is going to happen whether you are ready or not.

You’ll be a long time dead so get out there today in the grit, goo and gumdrops and leave some of yourself out there in the world. Something that you are massively proud of. That’s not just another report today. It’s you smeared all over that page. Not just some building you’re working on. That’s either a monument to your ability or a flaky shitty concrete slab.

Leave your mark or make a stain, either way that is a piece of you out there for all to see. It can reflect everything that’s great about you or everything that isn’t.

Life is going to happen to, for or through you, but when the dancing stops your DNA and your soul juice will be forever pinned to something.

Whatever that something is you have the opportunity to make it fucking amazing.

So rise and shine sweetheart. Time to have at it.

Your daily dose of misery, death, fear and greed

“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers”

Thomas Jefferson

If you get current events from a range of sources especially those outside the UK/USA media cartels you quickly see how this machine looks less like ‘news’ and more like cleverly crafted deliberately presented propoganda. The themes seek to repeatedly present a world of conflict, scarcity and insecurity. This justifies the need for war over natural resource.

The truth is that we have never led such good lives. The earth supplies an abundance of everything (if we use resources wisely and share equitably) and there is less death from violence and war than in any other point in human history.

All this peace and happiness is a huge problem. Global bankers, arms manufacturers and international profiteers from misery and strife don’t get rich in peacetime. These interests will ensure that every government in the world is embroiled in artificial conflict and perpetual war. For reasons that become apparent when you look into it the elite internationalists are into money and eugenics.  Constant neverending war involving the peoples of every nation is almost ideal for the beneficiaries. Eugenics goals and profit. You lend the money to the Governements on both sides to buy the arms exclusively from one of your companies and then you lend countries even more money to rebuild after the war.

War is great in eugenics terms because it’s the ‘undesirables’ that fight and die which is way more effective than the selective breeding efforts that have to be dressed up and delivered covertly. In war overtly killing a bunch of people is generally accepted thanks to the news media and the long established cultural narrative of good and evil, security and scarcity.

Nothing is going to change until the planet turns off the TV, burns the news papers and tunes out of CNN, BBC, ABC, & Fox. We need new stories and cultural ideas based around, community, sharing, caring and contentedness.  It starts when we stop lining up for our daily dose of voluntary mind control and begin getting information from independent sources with no vested interests in lying for profit of the worlds richest and most evil families.

All War’s are Banking Wars (43m) –Watch

Eugenics in practise (30m) – Watch

Do you guard against the robbers stealing your most precious resource?

“A simple act of paying attention can take you a long long way”

Keanu Reeves


By far our greatest resource is our attention and our attention is a very limited resource.

There are two ways we experience this resource. Either proactively like when we are focused on the things that matter and on subjects, people and goals that we’d like to achieve or the other way. The other experience is reactive attention. You hear a scream. While you might not look, chances are that a blood curdling scream got your attention.
The key is that successful people control their attention by controlling their environments. They guard against the negative programming of the society. Think about how quiet and ad free the environments of the rich are. Think about country clubs, first class air travel, rich houses and the neighbourhoods they reside in, and dark tinted limousines. Unlikely they would be bombarded with adverts for every imaginable product. I bet the back of their hotel key isn’t an advertisement for the pizza place down the street. And what do they do in these calm distraction free environments? They sit in quiet serene environments considering how better to snatch our most precious resource and manipulate our behaviour -of course!
Meanwhile the rest of us are captives of their attention getting propaganda, programs and technologies.  We can’t help, but be distracted by the colours on the big screen in the cafe.  As a result of our highly contrived public environments we flit from task to task as the external environment changes. This is important because where our attention goes, our energy flows. We put our efforts, ideas, thoughts in line with whatever we attend to. Media and advertisers are attention robbers. They pump sounds into our ears, smells into our noses, project colours and images specifically designed to grab our attention. Because they are far away we allow it. But, imagine for a second if all of these distractions were not originating from some invisible multitude of corporations, but instead these distractions were all the workings of a single person. If you experienced such an obnoxious, disruptive and rude individual chances are you would reject them completely.
That is not the case. We accept our public environments being decimated by corporate mind controllers. We rejoice at the prospect of being able to carry a personal ad screen (phone or tablet) that tracks our every activity. We placidly accept attention robbers in our life when they are invisible corporations.
Recently, I’ve been pondering around a discussion of a new human right. A solution, if you will, to this attention crisis we find ourselves in. The new right is ‘the right not to be addressed‘. All other fragile resources are protected. Our water or our air quality. What about our most precious resource – our attention? Why do we have no say in how our public spaces impact this delicate quality? Even the best set of headphones, the thickest paper back book, and the darkest glasses aren’t enough to protect you from attention robbers. Most personal measures are simply ineffective. Ultimately, premeditated attention theft is a collective question. Why have we allowed economic interests to lay waste to our public environments? Making them a mind-field for immature minds. What gives any corporation the right to preach to you with high tech, highly focused, sophisticated behaviour manipulating signals without your express permission?
Perhaps its time we retract the permission we never gave them.
What do you think?

Verses done in bed by M. Babington Bayley (1894)

In my bed I lie,
Gazing at the sky
Through my window-pane and curtain,
Feeling comfortably certain
Luncheon hour is nigh.

None the less I lie.

Oh, the joy of bed!
Who was it who said ‘Tis immortal to be lazy?
Sure, he must have been a crazy,
Witless dunderhead.
Thank the Lord he’s dead!

Sweet it is to take
Pleasant rest, and break
Through a silly, stale convention.
Sweeter still, I needn’t mention,
‘Tis to lie and make
Verses, half away.

Why not rise and dress?
Well, I must confess
That’s a question that perturbs me;
But my sluggish nature curbs me
From all activities.
Oh, confound the dress!

That’s the point of view
Bed has bought me to.
Here I’d like to lie forever
Still, I’ll make a strong endeavour-
Lord! It’s striking two!
Where’s my blooming shoe?

Fear is a pretty flaky program to structure your entire life around

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Our experience can be traced back to two emotional roots.

Love or fear.

Every action begins as an idea. Every idea engenders a corresponding emotion.  A course of inaction or intertia may result from pleasure seeking (love motive), just as we are compelled to act when we wish to avoid a nasty consequence (fear motive).  No matter what the thought, emotion or reaction it is either rooted in love or it flows from fear. It’s funny to think about being angry as being afraid. But, if you trace back how you got angry, or why you are envious, or if you search for the true source of your shame you can find a fear of something, someone or some circumstantial event that you’d rather not experience. Mostly we get hard programmed to live in fear. Parents use guilt and fear to get children to behave. School continuously reinforces fear as the prime motive. Fear of strangers, fear of traffic, fear of failure and every other source of fear. Work is a fear based culture structured usually as a totalitarian dictatorship. You fear your boss, job loss and being seen not to give a toss. All the while the media and the government heap fear on fear upon you. Its convenient for the ruling class because it makes us docile little worker drones. Fear compels us to conform rather than to stand out and individuate (express ourselves as we truly are). When we are fearful we are more easily encouraged to pass our personal power to a politician or a government to solve perceived problems on our behalf. Fear encourages helplessness.

Unfortunately there are many forces in the world that want a helpless hopeless afraid populace. Companies know people in this state are compliant little consumers. Governments fear not the people and employers are assured of compliant labour. Our fear based functioning at a societal level means we accept violence, war and military solutions. What better way to dispel your fear of a spider than to blow it up with a thermonuclear device? Still we know on a deeper level of our intelligence that there is something seriously wrong when peace is proposed from behind a rifle. We need to get over fear. Fear is a helpless, hopeless waste of energy. It directs us to solutions that can only bring death, poverty, devastation and in turn even more fear.

Sometimes my son will wake in the middle of the night terrified of monsters. I used to say “Don’t be afraid. There is nothing to fear. Daddy is here”. Now I say this to myself as a reminder to get over fear and act from more potent emotions (the love motive). Sometimes I feel envious and critical of a coworker, but what is there to fear I wonder? Other times I feel scared about the spread of disease, but instead I try to respond with a loving orientation feeling incredibly grateful and thankful of those medical personal on the front lines selflessly putting their own life at risk to ensure my good fortune. We are intimately connected to nature and to all of humanity. We need to remind ourselves constantly that there is nothing to be afraid of. By identifying the scaremongers we can start to unravel their motivations for roping us all into their collective nightmare.

Love or fear.

A simple choice.

An idle man’s master plan

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life”


If your life is a complex mess, if work is making you hate your life, or if you feel like your house is more like a warehouse than a home then maybe simple living is for you.

I feel one should start the simple living journey by filling the void inside. We all have a void. We try to fill this with attention seeking, possessions and self obsessions, but the void only ever disappears when we remember who we are. You see we seem to forget who we are in birthing process, but who we are is so fundamental to our existence that it’s critical to rediscover your true self. This step alone will naturally lead to simpler living while radically improving the quality of your life .

Through the process of self-discovery you will probably arrive at a conclusion about the importance of spending your waking life as a consumer of matter. We have been hijacked into the life of the consumer by social and economic forces constructed to enslave us from birth. This is isn’t how we should live if the goal for our life is happiness.

To really kick things off shed all of the bills and payments that you can, learn skills to do things yourself and embrace trade, bartering, community building and freeganism. Unbank my friends!

Freeing up your money will give you some money to invest and this cycle compounds to the point where you can conclude that work is stupid and that you don’t really need to do it anymore.

Of course you could complete these steps in reverse order: give up work, invest money, stop paying bills, get over consumption and you would have all the time in the world to find yourself, but the first way is probably easier because it minimises pain and the process will accelerate as you preserver with it.

Real secrets from the idle student

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

Nikola Tesla

With great idleness comes great responsibility!

Long daily doses of idleness allow one to pursue secrets of the universe or just sit by a river and read Plato.

Lately I’ve been spending a bit of time learning about things that they won’t teach you in school.

If you have a closed mind, a fairly fixed view of how the world is, or you are quite sensitive about topics like religion please stop reading now.

What follows are just possibilities. It is up to you do decide the truth. However, if you’re mind is open to possibility and you like interesting information then please read on.

During October I investigated:

#1: Thoth’s Emerald Tablets. Thoth was the Atlantean elder that founded Egypt upon the advanced knowledge of Atlantis.

There are 12 tablets. They have been dated to be over 36,000 years old. They are impervious to all known elements, agents and aging processes. In this regard the emerald green material that these tablets are written on violates the physical law of ionization. Given that snippet some pretty irresistible reading I should think…

#2: God (as in the one referred to in the bible). It appears that God isn’t some old joker in a toga with a fabulous beard, God is actually the Sun. As in the burning star in the heavens Sun. Try read the bible with that interpretation and see what you think. I believe that the Old Testament bible is actually a fabulous book of science, astronomy and physics. To help common people understand the deep wisdom in the bible the knowledge has been wrapped up in narrative and metaphor. Sort of like like how you’d explain natural phenomenon to kids. While the wise take the point behind the stories, the fool translates literally and learns through rote to worship fantasy stories about apples and snakes in a magical garden. The interesting question this leads to is that if the Vatican elite knows God as the sun and that they are in fact Saturn and Sun worshipers then why does their flock still get taught stories of a wizard in a cape, an apprentice son and their mothballed friendly ghost?

#3: There are 13 ruling families that control every aspect of our lives. They throne Kings, Queens and politicians, control worldwide media, start wars for profit and believe in one government, one currency, massive global depopulation and the occult. Exactly the types you don’t want in charge.

#4: The pyramids in Egypt were built using magnetic and vibratory fields not primitive tools or alien technologies . The wisdom of how vibration can carve stone or of how electromagnetic fields could be used to change the molecular weight of certain types of rock has been lost in the annals of time. There is however, some evidence that it has not been lost completely. Unless you believe in Alien pyramid builders in triangular flying saucers (and hey I’m not opposed to that concept given how vast the universe is) then there is just no way that humans with primitive tools and simple twine ropes could have erected the pyramid at Giza in less than 20 years with purely manual means. Even if this is a giant hoax it is still extremely interesting stuff to read about!

There are quite a few other nooks, crannies and rocks that I peaked under in October, but these four are probably more than enough to get you started on some really interesting questions.

The point of this post?

When I worked full-time I would never have had the energy, time or interest to ask one of the questions let alone all four. I was just wrapped up in the daily struggle for existence.

I suspect the system is designed the way it is to ensure most people are two tired to ask questions. Our days are jammed with work and our evenings completely filled with passive entertainment.

I’ve no doubt there are some sinister secrets that the ruling families hope we will never uncover. As long as we’re all caught up working for our survival they can stay in the shadows and continue to operate with impunity.

Having the opportunity to step back, look into, and advocate for whatever you please is something everyone should find time for.