Unbanking with the Millenials

“The unbanked are described by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as those adults without an account at a bank or other financial institution and are considered to be outside the mainstream for one reason or another. The FDIC estimates there are 10 million unbanked or underbanked American households”


Relatively recently I discovered that like in the USA, tax is voluntary in my country too. There is perfectly legal and entirely reasonable way to opt out of paying tax if you so choose. Several actually. Of course the fact that you can do something does not mean that you should. There are important ethical, social and environmental considerations about becoming a ‘freeloader’. There are good arguments on both sides.

Long time readers will have a sense that my views are that community is essential, and the more locally we live the better for us all. Life should be lived in a selfless not selfish way and policies like universal basic income are an important step forward. This supports paying tax even if one doesn’t need to. Throw in subsidized health care and education as important considerations. While all very good reasons to pay tax I increasingly see my tax dollars funding hostile military actions against foreign people I have no beef with. If someone was bombing my community, murdering my family and friends and snatching my children in the night I might want to chop someones head off in retaliation. The solution to war is peace. You don’t and can’t fight for peace. You peace for peace. Make war unprofitable and there won’t be any. If we withdrew troops from protecting poppy and oil fields or stealing natural resources and killing under the guise of anti-terrorism we may find people become less hostile towards us. Add to this the massive increase in corporate welfare funded through a corresponding decrease in social welfare, or the militarisation of the peace (police) force, or the systematic running down of public health and the public fool (school) system and you will begin to understand my aversion to the government dipping its bloody, grubby, and sleazy hands in my pocket. Realistically I must also confess to being an idler that hates work and so the idea of an instant 40% pay rise sounds great! I feel that there is more social good in my family having the money and therefore free time to be more charitable than donating it off to the state funded bank bonuses and bloodshed. This long lead-in brings me to the point of this tale. To voluntarily withdraw my consent to remain a taxpayer I must take a couple of actions one of which brings joy to my heart. By depositing, or having someone electronically deposit money in a bank account, I am agreeing to pay tax. Under our law no bank = no tax essentially [WARNING: Please check the laws in your own country very carefully before embarking on a similar project]. While the thought of no bank and no tax is a happy notion the pragmatist in me is mired in questions of day to day life. Herein I arrive at the title of this post. As I struggled to figure how or even if it is possible to live unbanked (forfeiting the convenience of the 24 hour access money card seems like a big step) I discovered that significant numbers of young kids (millennials) have rejected the banks entirely. They are a socially conscious group that hates the devastation and destruction inflicted on us by the banking titans. They are a long way down the unbank journey and are awash with tips, tricks and clever strategies to successfully unbank. It has been empowering and refreshing to be mentored by such knowledgeable people as young as 15 years old! It has long been my opinion that one of the most important and most powerful actions you can take in the world is to unbank your families wealth. Up until now I have held an inaccurate view that unbanking would be all too terribly hard, but convenience is a sad and shabby reason to maintain these arcane and malevolent institutions and with millennials and the internet everywhere ‘how’ is really no barrier at all.


If cash is King then the King is dead!

“Sometimes I am two people. Johnny is the nice one. Cash causes all the trouble. They fight”
Johnny Cash

The missus came back from a utilities company with worrying news. I trust her fully, but I couldn’t believe what she was telling me. Perhaps I’ve mentioned before that we meet most of our expenses with cash. Handling cash is one of the key things, in my opinion, that you can do to get on top of your money management.

Anyway as it turns out she had gone to pay a bill with cash, but was refused. The alleged reason was that they didn’t accept cash any longer. Cash is legal tender and to not accept it as payment is illegal in our country (that’s a whole other story). A few days later I had the same experience. They basically told me that I should direct debit and that they didn’t want cash on the premise for security purposes – blah, blah, blah.

This is a worrying trend that I’ve long predicted. The authorities hate cash. It’s dirty and expensive to produce. It creates a logistics issue ensuring cash is fluid. Like you need to move it around to ensure the circulation is appropriately distributed. Worst for authorities is that cash transactions aren’t traceable. They can’t easily steal a portion by calling it a tax. Worst still they don’t have a complete record of your movements, your expenditure and the level of control that they would have in a cashless monetary system. I also think that they hate having to deal with a human being face to face. Numbers on a screen don’t angrily complain about all the ways the utilities company is not doing what it is charging people for! Why deal with actual humans if you can work with non-threatening spreadsheets instead.

There is a more sinister concern that is probably the second reason I am pro-cash. Say for example there was no cash. Everything was electronic [some people think they would like that because they are technocrats that like the idea of their phone being their pocket money]. Before you jump on that wagon keep your mind open to the downside. To do anything in a world where paper money no longer exists you’d need an electronic bank account [sounds ok]. Now say the government gets even more totalitarian or fascist leaning than it is now and that is unacceptable to you so so you protest [what does this have to do with money?]. Well, the government responds by turning off your bank account and with no cash available it would be more than a minor inconvenience. You’re in deep shit Dorothy. It would be in a terrible situation. How would you eat, where could you live, how would you accumulate a non-physical e-money? It’s all just numbers on a screen now [oh!].

A cash based system gives you rights. It allows you to remain private. You have an ability to continue to transact with people in your local community to feed, cloth and shelter your family without an authority ever entering into it as a invisible third party. Once cash is gone you lose the right to life and must rely on the benevolence of the banking sector and the government.

Some people seem to think that if this fictional scenario played out that some underground currency would fill the gap for people that have been struck off the government books, but answer this – is it legal in your country to develop your own currency and trade it in your neighbourhood now? If you live in most countries in the world it is not just illegal there are serious consequences for printing an alternative to ‘legal tender’. The government and the banks are very aggressive about ensuring they are the only game in town.

So even if you are into tech you need to fight the death of cash. A cash based system however bad or unfair is [or however cool the electronic payment tools become] better than the alternative of a money based system without cash. True a moneyless world would be better, but with so little to gain and so much to lose the establishment would never let that dream become a reality without bloodshed.

What’s really wrong with work (the bigger picture)?

“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws”
Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812)


My main objection to work is that most of our labour for money is a dispiriting waste of our life. Beyond that I hate work because I know that I will pay tax. I actually have no problem paying tax if the tax system effectively distributes help to those in need, provides good quality health care and encourages quality education for everyone. However, more and more our tax dollars are going towards heinous things like bank bailouts, and unnecessary wars concocted by bankers and weapons manufacturers for profit and power. There seems to be no limit to tax dollars for mining or fracking in conservation lands or for deep sea oil drilling in marine reserves while at the same time there isn’t enough to pay teachers much above minimum wage.

Worse if you work for any company, in almost any part of the world, that has more than 1000 workers then it’s inevitable that the 10 biggest shareholders include these venomous few world banking families and their fanatical partners who been secretly manipulating the control of this planet since the 1500s. You are working so they profit greatly and with those profits they will spread their evil web to further enslave the populace in misery.

Four things you should do:

1. Your own research on the reach and control of the world banking and religious cartel.

2. Realise that love is the key. We are all in this together. We need to stop focusing on trivial artificially manufactured differences that are separating us. We need to expand our consciousness and find our bliss 🙂

3. Get out of debt. Stay out of debt. Put your money in a local building society or a small banking cooperative instead of a big corporate bank.

4. Spread the word. Tell people what you have discovered! [These guys work on 50 – 100 year plans so use the internet for free speech while you can].


Savor me flavors me hearties…

“Avoid food products containing ingredients that are A) unfamiliar B) unpronounceable C) more than five in number or that include D) high-fructose corn syrup” 

Michael Pollan

Life plant based is delicious. Grow it, pick it,cook it, scoff it…you know the rest of the circle of soil.

Is there anything better than potato and garlic?

Maybe Kale and Lemon which is to oregano-cumin-chilli as peas are to carrots.

Cocoa and pinto beans a foodies wet dream. Perfect burritos or enchiladas!

Raisins and kumura. Stuffed marrow. Stuffed with anything is great living.

Sometimes we’d think too much garlic now we wonder if it is enough …can we taste the anticancer vegetable that we picked from our garden 8 minutes ago?

In the morning eat oats and berries.

For lunch eat mega beans with a small rice or pasta portion.

At dinner eat legumes with leafy greens.

Remember the rule we tell our son:

Berries, beans and leafy greens make you a healthy boy.

Repeat with me – “I don’t need this!”

“Going back to a simpler life is not a backwards step”

Yvon Chovinard (Owner of Patagonia)

Look around your house. Look at every item purposefully. Start from the premise “I don’t need this”.

Possession is not ownership. It a temporary right of use until you die, or you lose it, it becomes obsolete or it is stolen from you.

Truth is we use almost none of our stuff regularly. Keep only the tools that you use several times everday in a million ways.

Rent or borrow the rest. Buy second hand or acquire free and then resell afterwards. As a Bricoleur you can learn to make things work. You’ll find uncommon solutions from all the wrong parts with make do tools. You’ll find ways to do things like get all of the paint for your house free. You’ll stop needing the store. Both thumbs will turn green and your pasty office calves will become cows under the power of the pedal.

Trust me two years of simple living and you’ll hardly recgonise the person you’ll become. Your skills, abilities and your creativity will expand tenfold. You’ll win the choice to keep working and horde money or kick back and live the idle life. Living simply on not very much money at all is a truly sane choice.

Gazumping Cancer Risk: Gargle Garlic!

­­“What garlic is to salad, insanity is to art”

Augustus Saint-Gaudens

A very interesting study by Boivin et al. examined the impact of 34 vegetables on 8 different types of cancer.

The results suggest that eating a mixed plant based diet has dramatic results on cancer cell development, growth and (perhaps) decline. Garlic isn’t a magic bullet, but evidence suggests that eating an array of plants (especially garlic) is the best protection money can buy. Better than pills and much cheaper than treatment.

One of the most delicious and potent anti-cancer agents identified in this study was garlic. The effects reported were so profound (see the tables in the link above) that it is worthwhile ensuring garlic is a mainstay in your day.

Both cooked and raw garlic have equal impact especially if cooked garlic is crushed and left for 10 minutes before adding to a stew or one pot meal. Frying garlic, like frying anything, decreases its nutritional value.

Other simple ways to pepper garlic into your daily yum:

  • Pick the garlic dressing option to go with your salad at lunch.
  • Choose the garlic naan bread with your vegetable curry (hold the cow butter).
  • Pack a garlic laced homemade salsa or guacamole to have with your lunch on the run.
  • Drink a delicious garlic, agave and lemon tea made from fresh strained ingredients instead of a bag of dead leaves.
  • If you are a hard Harry or Harrietta just munch raw garlic cloves, but please don’t forget to adjust your breath afterwards!!


Saving self speak

“Put your financial life on autopilot as a form of ‘forced’ saving”

Suze Orman


Saving money is hard.

No doubt about it.

You say things to yourself when you try to save money. Terrible things like…

“I can’t afford it!”.

You can.

You are choosing not to for the greater goal.

The truth is you should say something like “I choose not to afford it because savings are better!”.

Another cancerous line…”I deserve it”.

Actually you don’t. By crushing your savings for an impulse ‘deserve it’ item you are surviving instead of thriving. You are destroying the power of your money for a short term nothing.

Some might say that this small indiscretion doesn’t matter.

It does.

Your savings are a bucket. If you make even the tiniest crack in the bucket  it will bleed more than one drop. It will leak until it is empty. To release a single drop is as impossible as a sword cutting itself with it’s own blade.

It is hard just to cajole yourself into a savings mode in the first place. S0 stop thinking about your savings as being lost to you. Almost like it becomes someone else’s money. It’s all yours. Saving it gives you future monetary power and freedom. It is your future, food, water, power and shelter. These things are always more important than a saving hiatus holiday or a reward car.

Talk strong and defend your bucket from those greedy merchants that would use their honeyed talk to keep you in corporate slavery the entirety of your life.