The five best documentaries on the tube

What they’re not teaching you in school…and once you watch these you’ll completely understand why! You’ll also realise how much bullsh*t you are being fed each and every day through your work, the banks, the media, your school, church and the state…


Ancient Knowledge

Amazing stuff that will really change your thinking on many bits of state taught ‘official knowledge’.



Slow to start but a really clear presentation of alternative ideas showing how media and religion are being used to control our way of thinking and our lives. The sequels on money and solutions are also good.



You finish this wondering exactly what some people know that you don’t. What has specifically being kept from you for centuries?


Esoteric Agenda

Interesting viewing!


Resonance: Beings of Frequency

The importance of sound to all living creatures including us…


The hunger games

“When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist” 
Hélder Câmara


Throughout our history we have had to survive on locally grown and raised foods. This inevitably meant finding one’s way through the hungry season. Vegetables, fruit and herbs are all very seasonal and a mix grows well in Summer, Autumn and in early Winter Coming out of the winter the weather is improving and seedling growth will start to take off. But, in the weeks beforehand, those weeks from the dead of winter until peak spring growth there isn’t much on the menu.

We try to eat at least 60% from our vegepatch/mini orchard during the year. In the hungry period we’ve tended to drop that percentage to maintain variety in our diet with store bought vegetables.  This year we are going to do an experiment in reality. I’ve got a ton of stuff seeded. Our goal is to make it to Spring without increasing our bought food expenditure. It’s going to require some creative cooking to get over eating the same stuff everyday.The most fortunate thing about this reality check is that if worst turns to worst our family won’t starve to death like millions and millions of others have since the dawn of time. We live in a world of unbelievable abundance, variety and opportunity. Just 100 years ago the hunger games were for real

1960′s village life

“If someone thinks that peace and love are just a cliche that must have been left behind in the 60s, that’s a problem. Peace and love are eternal”
John Lennon


In 1960, or only 40 years ago, the village of about 3000 families that I live in had three butchers, a bank, two bookshops, a furniture upholsterer, a coal merchant, two ice cream shops, half a dozen grocers, two garages, a coffee lounge, a picture theatre, a fish and chip shop, a cake shop, two markets known as self help stores, a barber, a firestation, a hairdresser and a newspaper outlet.

Now there is one dingy pub that can’t seem to keep it’s doors open, a barber that should probably not be in business had it not been there with the same owner doing the same work since the 60s, a quaint little cafe that does well in terms of suburban cafes, but in general not well in terms of city cafes and a boutique theatre that shows art house films twice a week.

Everything one needs to live life requires travel outside the village. There are no schools. No daycare. No doctor. No green grocer. Above all there is no work anymore.

I wish I lived here in 1960.

I wonder why we let village life slip through our fingers for bland big box chain store garbage retail? I also wonder which style of village life people would choose these-days if given the option?

What’s really wrong with work (the bigger picture)?

“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws”
Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812)


My main objection to work is that most of our labour for money is a dispiriting waste of our life. Beyond that I hate work because I know that I will pay tax. I actually have no problem paying tax if the tax system effectively distributes help to those in need, provides good quality health care and encourages quality education for everyone. However, more and more our tax dollars are going towards heinous things like bank bailouts, and unnecessary wars concocted by bankers and weapons manufacturers for profit and power. There seems to be no limit to tax dollars for mining or fracking in conservation lands or for deep sea oil drilling in marine reserves while at the same time there isn’t enough to pay teachers much above minimum wage.

Worse if you work for any company, in almost any part of the world, that has more than 1000 workers then it’s inevitable that the 10 biggest shareholders include these venomous few world banking families and their fanatical partners who been secretly manipulating the control of this planet since the 1500s. You are working so they profit greatly and with those profits they will spread their evil web to further enslave the populace in misery.

Four things you should do:

1. Your own research on the reach and control of the world banking and religious cartel.

2. Realise that love is the key. We are all in this together. We need to stop focusing on trivial artificially manufactured differences that are separating us. We need to expand our consciousness and find our bliss :)

3. Get out of debt. Stay out of debt. Put your money in a local building society or a small banking cooperative instead of a big corporate bank.

4. Spread the word. Tell people what you have discovered! [These guys work on 50 - 100 year plans so use the internet for free speech while you can].


Dirty politics (hideously incestuous really)

“The illusion of choice in politics is the ground for perception of free will”
Mr Simple


I despair at elections. At one time I was an activist. Then a party supporter. Then I found politics repugnant. Why?  I traced the money funding the liberals and the conservatives and many of the other parties in my country. If you do this you too will arrive at the same families that I did. Every party in almost every country has the same financial backers.

Once you do this, or once you know this, politics becomes a sad illusion.

What choice is there really if the same puppet masters control all the political puppets on show?

Its like saying I’ll buy Cadbury’s over Kit-Kat only to find out both are owned by Kraft (who are in themselves owned by…take a guess).

Yet people take their vote so seriously. Older people especially. Older folks place such importance on their vote. They say that it’s better than living in a dictatorship…but really if every politician owes favours (or much more) to the same individuals then there isn’t really any dichotomy is there…just the illusion of a choice.

Now what if those same few families owned both the media, the education system (through the govt – owned by these families), the police (govt…) and the army (govt…yawn)?

Are you concerned enough to look up from video games (own them too…mostly) and Hollywood movies (they own them entirely) to vote against this? Really… who will you vote for for real change? Before you vote look past party politics and into ownership relationships.

We hold the power. The power is always with the people. When we decide enough the political illusion is over.

Call me when its time. I’ll stand with you.

Waking up on time without electricity

How did it get so late so soon?”
Dr. Seuss

Time is a human construct that is useful in as much as it helps us coordinate with others.

Mostly I don’t care about clock time. If I am hungry I eat. If it is dark I sleep. I don’t own a watch, or an alarm clock and I don’t have a cell phone.

But, I still work some and so I need to get up to catch airplane flights or to be at work on time for an early meeting.

So how do you wake yourself up on time without electricity?

I’d like to one day become a Jack Reacher type that can imagine a time in their head and wake up exactly at that point in the morning. This is somewhat achievable, but needs to appreciated as only partially realistic considering Jack Reacher is a fictitious character in a popular novel series.

Sure you can cheat by sleeping next to somebody with a watch, but what if that person is as timeless as you? Small children certainly help. They are often up very early, but sometimes when they are sick they become extremely unreliable alarm clocks. They also grow up to become unwake-able teenagers so children are at best a temporary strategy.

I’ve searched the internet without real success. I’ve concluded that sometimes I’ll just be late or other times I’ll be excessively early, but I am definitely open to your tips, tricks or suggestions!

Ye ole shits and giggles in the modern age

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game”

Michael Jordan


Well i’d ask what do you do now that is so great?

A movie?

What if you saw it or what if you heard it weren’t so good?

Go out for a meal?

Why not have a better time at home for half the price?

Renovate a new bathroom?

What if your neighbour could show you were to get a better one free?

Actually there aren’t that many people going for that option. Most pay a contractor to sort it and if you are poor you can’t afford that type of fun!

How about…

Playing your own music…music was mostly owned by the village not the recording label.

Brewing your own beer…sure it will be an immodest concoction, but the mild toxicity from the unsanitary brewing conditions will make a thimble a pint. Value for money indeed!

Sitting quietly enjoying.

Riding a cheap bike in an inhospitable terrain.

Playing cars (or whatever) with a small child.

Making a hut with grandparents.

Cooking playdooh.

Reading a book from the library.

Listening to any song on spofify free.

Better still make and play your own music!

Talking with your family.

Riding bikes together.

Swinging in a playground like monkey’s…


Fun beyond list-able…still not compelling enough not to go to work…

…for some, but I don’t need any encouragement to ditch work!!