What Ebola teaches us about resilient communities and the true value of simple living

We are born weak, we need strength; helpless, we need aid; foolish, we need reason. All that we lack at birth, all that we need when we come to man’s estate, is the gift of education.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Ebola is making the news now that it is threatening white people. Wasn’t an issue when it was brown faces. We tend not to think about things like how Africa people can remain so poor, hungry and disease threatened when it is a continent of incredible mineral wealth.

Now that Ebola is out of Africa it is a world problem that is worthy of news column inches. Every 50 or 100 years we get these cycles of cataclysm or pandemic that upsets humanity on an unprecedented scale. So how ready are we for the next big community shaking event?

Do me a favour and climb up onto the roof of your house or apartment building. Look around.

Do you see any fields, farms, running water or do you live in an urban desert? 

I see a stream. The water needs to be filtered, but it is drinkable. I live in a forest, with an orchard and vegetable garden. It isn’t fully self sustaining, but it could be. It’s remote enough that it’s unlikely that people would flee here. All in all we have the tools, the skills and the tenacity to live without running water, power, wifi or gas.

How does your family compare? Could you cope in the event that a something (Ebola, a meteor strike or whatever) causes panic behaviour and a major breakdown of social structure. Take a look at New Orleans. Folks were eating each other in 4 days. Four days!

Something happens. People flee the city – to where? The hills. Another city? Hyperinflation makes paper money worthless. What can you do for yourself now the market isn’t available to solve all your problems?

Personal security will be an issue. How would you protect yourself and your family? An especially important question if you are a non-violent pacifist that would struggle to harm, mame or disable a desperate aggressor?

Simple living is something everyone should consider. When bad comes to town its the simple living fellowship that are most likely to pick themselves out of the ashes. In the meantime, through simple living, you will save bucket loads of cash that you can use to free yourself and your family from economic slavery.

The echos of Saturn

“Saturn seems to have impressed the seal of melancholy on me from the beginning”

Marsilio Ficino

The Saturn Myth is worth reading. The video based on the book makes the content more digestible. In both cases the author makes some compelling links between our gods and the visible planets in the sky. It’s worth watching or reading if you are interested in the origins of man and are unencumbered by the dogma of religious beliefs. Once you understand our connection to cosmology, the symbolism of the planet Saturn and the importance of Saturn in prehistory you start to notice all of the modern Saturn references and symbols that pervade our lives. Just take a look at the symbol representing your internet browser if you are using explorer as an example. Certainly companies, banks and the elites are still fascinated with the planet Saturn…and while the church promotes some kind of sky daddy in a toga they are themselves kind of obsessed with Saturn and Saturn symbology. Who’s this fella in the Saturn hat…

Why are all these Muslim fellas worshiping around a black cube (a Saturn symbol)? Anyone with a half curious mind might want to look into this for themself…

As soon as you learn to read the symbols of Saturn you realise the world is so thick with Saturn worship that you wonder why you never heard about it before.

Meditation is more important than your job

“Action expresses priorities”

Mahatma Gandhi

There’s a podcast titled ‘Meditation is more important than your job’. While I didn’t listen to the whole thing I fundamentally agree that self understanding (and one way to gain understanding is through meditation) is a very important task that everyone having this human experience should invest some time into. It got me thinking about all the things that are more important to me than a traditional 9-5 work experience. Time with my family is more important. Already in my kids short lives I’ve missed all sorts of firsts and important experiences because I’ve been at work. On too many occasions I’ve been too tired or too distracted with work to have conversations that are important to my family. Running and riding my bike are more important to me than work. That might sound juvenile or silly but it’s true. Finishing the rebuild of our home is more important than work. Everyone needs a sanctuary that is warm, water tight and comfortable. Meeting up with my friends is also more important. Friends energise and educate me. They inspire and help me when I need advice or assistance. Being surrounded by quality people is a key to success and happiness in this life. Sleep and idleness is more important to me than work. It might sound lazy, but if I had a free choice between a day relaxing and sleeping or a day going to work it would not be a close contest. Now the interesting question is having determined that there are a number of things that are more important to me than work, why is my time so significantly unbalanced in favour of doing little of the things that are important and lots of the thing (work) that is less important to me? The answer is of course money and so is the solution. There are two paths (assuming you rule out robbing and stealing). I can work more to gain the money I need for freedom that I desire. That course is illogical because I would have to sacrifice the very freedom that I seek to gain. The alternative solution is to live simply. By reducing my desires for material gain and being clear about my priorities I can live on a small income that requires far less time committed to work. By doing so it is possible to immediately balance my time around the things that are important. It’s what I’ve always said is a critical choice in this world. Choosing meaning over money.  

The evolution (or revolution) of our species

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy”

Chris Hedges

Our world is a crazy place.

If you weren’t from this planet and you were going to write the most nuts fantasy story possible you simply could not come up a version of reality that comes close to the world that we have.

We have doctors sawing people open and pumping them full of Rockafeller owned drugs when the evidence is overwhelming that most diseases are simply a deficiency of fruit and vegetables.

We hold small ratioactive electro-magnetic boxes up to our head for vast portions the day to talk endless dribble and nonsense with people we hardly know all without ever giving any consideration to the fact that we ourselves are electro-magnetic energy bound together by a fragile force.

We allow ourselves to be involved in the perpetual wars of the bankers, killing, raping and destroying each other for their profit and pleasure when each of us is at root the same. We have love for our children and our families and by and large we seek to lead peaceful happy lives. In a more just society war would not be structured as a profitable endeavour or fair and just bankers of the world would unite and together and agree it illegal to lend money to tinpot tyrants (of any nation) for the purposes of killing another group of people.

We drink water poisoned by industry and laced with additives that calcify our brains. We allow ourselves to be prohibited from achieving states of consciousness (through poisoning of water and the prohibition of consciousness expanding plants) where we are connected to the unified field of wisdom that is at the root source of our own universal intelligence.

We forgo personal individuation, the personal expressions of our gifts, and get side-tracked by corporations that put us in boxes to do mind-numbingly stupid tasks in return for funny money. We fritter our days away completing task so dull that if nobody were paid, nobody would do them.

We have a system where money is debt and that debt is used to ensnare and enslave us in a false and depressing cultural narrative that sees us sit silently as whole families starve while the architects live like robber barons.

Kids it’s time for us to put an end to this juvenile phase of human evolution. We need to mature and evolve into a species with adults in positions of power. Together we can change these fundamentally perverse constructs within our collective experience.

The time is now. The evolution starts in you.

Copycat identities: the means to manipulate

“Most have no memory of self before their second birthday and, even then, the memories from around that time are fragmented and unconnected. It’s not that you have forgotten what it was like to be an infant– you simply were not ‘you’ at that age because there was no constructed self, and so you cannot make sense of early experiences in the context of the person to whom those events happened”

Bruce Hood

We see everything through our identity. The identity that is build up over a lifetime of adding ideas about who you are and what you are all about. We create our own little narrative. A self indulgent fabrication called “i”. Mostly we are also desperate to generate an identity that conforms to a very standard social norm. We seem to prefer safe identities that don’t stand out. There is nothing more distressing for people than not fitting in. Die tall poppy. Die die! Through all this you have to wonder how anyone can challenge the notion that we aren’t societies of sheeple. One giant game of follow the leader. We’re sitting ducks for the malevolent elite. Set the norms in society to ensure your interests then let people self police each other. Prisoners in jail don’t have belts so their pants hang down. When they get out they often don’t buy, and probably don’t have money to buy, a belt because it feels unusual for them. Now you have 12 year olds in affluent suburbs with their pants hanging down and their boxers exposed. Its got nothing to do with prison culture anymore. It’s just copycat behaviour from children desperate to fit in with the equally clueless kids in their school. So who are you? Well since your identity is just a collection of ideas, you are pretty much anyone you decide to be. If you also have the ability detach yourself from the obsessive need to conform then there is really no telling what you could achieve in this crazy old game of life.

Running with scissors and other commendable fun before breakfast

“There are people who are generic. They make generic responses and they expect generic answers. They live inside a box and they think people who don’t fit into their box are weird. But I’ll tell you what, generic people are the weird people. They are like genetically-manipulated plants growing inside a laboratory, like indistinguishable faces, like droids. Like ignorance”
C. JoyBell C.

Don’t run with scissors! Stay out of the pool after lunch!! Success is having a good job!!!  White people can’t jump!!!! Drugs are dangerous….

And a million other things you’ve been told.

What if running with scissors is hilarious fun? What if you could run safely with scissors and in have one hell of a good time with a bunch of scissor loving friends?

Are all drugs dangerous? Crystal meth sure. Heroin no doubt. But what about Psilocybin mushrooms that can have consciousness expanding benefits? Why is tobacco legal when it has such horrendous health consequences but eating some fungus that grows on the forest floor is totally illegal? Surely there should be some consideration of benefits against risk?

I’m not advocating drug taking or scissor frolicking.

I’m just musing on how many things we are told repeatedly growing up. Told by parents who themselves are just repeating rules from their parents. Undeniably some of the advice is sound, but how much of it needs to be seriously questioned and really discovered for yourself? When was the last time somebody broke that rule? What was their experience? Did they actually sink to the bottom of  the pool with a gut loaded with lasagna?

If you start to pay attention you find no end of things that you have been told by work, parents, teachers and the state that you didn’t learn yourself. If you become more inquisitive you will find numerous situations where the official version of history doesn’t stack with the facts. You’ll discover moonlight pleasures you never contemplated (and you won’t catch a cold. Trust me). Basically when you start questioning accepted rules you are awakening from autopilot. You are questioning the sense of your own habitual behaviour. You are becoming more mindful. 

In doing so you’ll meet new people. You will open yourself to the possibility of new experiences. Like you might eat a cookie before dinner and thoroughly enjoy ruining your appetite.  It’s about resetting the self imposed limitations that you have accepted. It’s erasing the box that you have allowed to be drawn around yourself.

What it is is deciding what you want from this life. Finding that and doing it instead of doing a whole lot of timewasting shit working on someone else’s dream.

What is the stupidest rule that you were following blindly? Click reply at the top of the screen and tell us.

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Bursting out of a buttoned down life

“If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun”

Katharine Hepburn



There are a few posts now on LeM about keeping your house cleaning to a minimum while not feeling guilty about a little mess. There are a other posts on the fun of the bricoleur, upcycling, positive non-intervention gardening or decorating your house for next to nothing!

There are posts on why work sucks, why working hard in a career is an illusion and how to start to unjob yourself from the daily grind and start to return your gifts to improve your community.

Almost everything I write is based around my desire to help people to regain the moments of their life. I want other people to discover freedom from this military-industrial-complex culture that treats us as an economic and social slaves. I’d write 100 posts if that’s what it takes to connect with just one person. That one person who steps back takes a good look at this fucked up crazy thing we call life and just says…”Ok, but from now on we do this on my terms!”. That possibility of connecting with one solitary individual who suddenly realises just how railroaded in and buttoned down their life really is…that is why LeM exists.

One less corporate zombie will make this world a better place!